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my car has been turning off while drivng. does it on the high way doing 70 . it will cut off for a split second then kick back on . enough to be afraid. camshaft positioner sensor has been changed brand new an it di...
Have replaced crank sensor, harmonic balancer, MAF sensor, 02 sensor, fuel regulator, and tested IAC and MAP sensors. Fuel pressures are all good. New fuel filter, air cleaner and spark plugs as well. Removed entire ...
I have all the nuts loose except the one that is on the bottom closest to the firewall. That nut is on a threaded post that is turning with the bolt. The post goes into the plastic piece that the TB is attached to. I ...
My air condishoner only blows hot air now what can this problem be ?
Had practically everything replaced in my car except for the engine control module.
Parts I've already changed.....Fuel Pump...Crankshat position sensor......Camshaft position Sensor...Oil Sending Unit.
Also when engine won't start due to this problem,why do the power windows not work?
Turn on car and cooant starts running into the cab on the passenger side
Mycar will runsometimes I drove it then I turnedit off for a while then I tried starting it a lot but never fired up till this day