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what is the labor time for timing cover replacement
My mother's 1995 Buick LeSabre's battery dies when the car is not used for a number of days. The battery has been replaced and her mechanic thinks it's feeding off something. The car has 60,000 miles and only used loc...
I was told replacing or tightening down the gasket valve cover would stop the engine from smoking. It is not alot of smoke.
Car won't start, Was running last Sunday then all of a sudden quit and won't start. It rolls over but, won't start. Changed battery, fuel filter, module and coils.
When trying to accelerate, the car will not shift out of first and eventually, when the RPMs reach about 3500, the car basically shifts into neutral. As the car slows, first gear reengages and repeats.
it is just a tune up! wires and sparks
car was getting hot we took it to a local shop we had been doing business with for 17 years they said it was the the water pump 300.00 to replace parts and labor. then they said after looking thoroughlyit was the harm...
1995 Buick LeSabre oil leak. To date I have replaced the following Gaskets. Valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, intake manafold gasket. new oil filter. And still the oil leaks. It seems to be dripping on the passenge...
Where is the air suspension compressor located?
volt light came on and then temp light came on.
The volt light came on and then the temp light. It became hard to steer the car.
my heating core needs repairing and it is leaking inside my car on the floor on the passenger side. now the temperature light is comming on and after driving it for a few minutes smoke comes from the vents on my dash ...
car shuts off while driving but restarts ok. does this periodically, but does not do it consistently (such as when the car has been driven a while).
cooling fans are not kicking on; replaced fuses, ECT and relay's and still nothing. I jumped fans to battery and they came on. Any ideas why they are not coming on normally?
Heater/Air Conditioner circulating fan will only operate in the high position.