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happen today went out while i was driving just happen know nothing other then that
All of a sudden this afternoon she will not start I've got all my power but she will not start
car has started making grinding noises and slight smell of steam but no actual water that i can see
Where could I get my car serviced with reliable work, I live in Petersburg, VA/ also a reasonable pruce
In changing the sensor could I be refreshed on the steps that are need to be taken?
my 95 laSaber seems to idle high it goes down then back up it does that driving or not.
The engine will stall without warning while in drive and moving. Dealer looked at it and indicated the computer is failing and needs to be replaced. Would this be true and on average, what would be the charges to r...
Car vibrates at 55 to 70 mph. Front end shakes some times and then smooths out. Wearing all 4 tires now. Vibrates in nuetral while coasting.
inside hood release will not work.
i have a bad gas leak on the hoes i was wondering how much it might cost to get it fixed and also is it drivable if it isnt fixed properly
where is the main computer located? thanks
where is the ww fluid pump and how to replace
when replacing the throttle position sensor on my lesabre 3.8l are there any adjustments or is it a simple bolt on replacement?
working on this car when you put it in reverse the car stalls .just tuned it up with new wires and plugs air filter and gas filter . also this car has 200000 miles on it any suggestion.