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After changing fuel filter and pump car still stalls intermittingly....Please Help
Also when engine won't start due to this problem,why do the power windows not work?
i can't find out where it's coming from (not internal)i pulled the serpentine belt & it seemed to quite down a little when the rpm goes up it seems to quite down even more. any ideas?
Turn on car and cooant starts running into the cab on the passenger side
After about 5 miles of driving.
Is there a chance that autozone could scan, and reset?? Thanks for any and all suggestions! -Carl.
The car is in collectable conditions, has been kept by my father as his little girl, perfect conditions, now the engine is broke and to expensive to repair, only for the emotional value I am looking for an used engine...
car wont start and run the security light flashes
Mycar will runsometimes I drove it then I turnedit off for a while then I tried starting it a lot but never fired up till this day
i've looked every where & can't find an ajutment screw
Have allready had the crane sensor change out.
According to the mechanic who inspected my car, I need to replace the upper intake manifold (leaking coolant), trans pan gaskets, oil pan gaskets and valve cover gaskets. He says there are "massive" oil leaks. I want ...