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Car will stall while driving. Sometimes won't restart. At other times starts back up. Buick dealership has checked it. No computer codes register. It even stalled on their service manager driving it into the serv...
My interior lights were dim and would come on and off. Now they are completely off and I don't know how to change a dimmer switch. Or, could this be a bulb replacement for the instrument panel to illuminate again?
In Feb of 2013 I had the Ignition Module replaced. At a cost of 442.90. Could this be the same thing? Or could this be the battery, It's the original one. I live in the country. Have Dr appts on Monday and Tuesday. ...
Only the driver's side lock will not work except with the key or manually. All other doors work with key fob and with inside button. I can hear something moving inside the door, but nothing happens.
It happens at low or high speeds, engine temperature varies - soon after starting or being driven for an hour.
Sometimes, also the low oil level comes on, with oil dip stick showing full.
Sometimes, also the low oil level comes on, with oil dip stick showing full.
I turned the fan all the way down and I still hear a sweaking noise when the heater is on. The noise sounds like a cricket.
The Dash vents on the drivers & passengers side are falling apart, every time you try to turn one a piece Breaks OFF?? the strange thing is that the vents located in the middle console look o.k. but they are also sta...
My lock from the fob will not lock or unlock the drivers door. It locks and unlocks the other 3. Any ideas ?
Bought used low mileage but oil problem has me concerned