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The car operates in D3,D2,and reverse. But will not function in D.
I can run the engine for 15 to 20 minutes but the heat coming from heater seems cold
ake gaskets yiu name it. Damn thing still overheats. Has anyone else seen this issue and how can I fix it? Thanks
Have been told that the fluid is full and not to be concerned,from a Chev. Service Dept. Rep. Car has only 38000 miles on it. Any answers out there and also cost to repair???
The symbol resembles a helicopter and my oil light is on also... I would like to know what this symbol means so I can get it repaired
Recently had the side of my Buick repainted, it was sitting for 3 weeks and when the guy who painted it was driving it back to my house the lights dimmed a bit, came back in then the car completely died. Tried startin...
The heater core need to be replaced.
they have these heat spikes holding the covers on. any easy way to separate them?
Unable to remove the 6 sparkplugs as I am told & see on the web a special GM tool is required. Anyone know how to do this without having to buy the $150 tool? I only have 31,000 miles on the car & it is running fine s...
Not only that, the locks won't lock with the key in the ignition but will lock with the key out but they never open regardless of the key. Yes, I have checked the fuses all good. Unless of course there are more fuse...
Replace front & rear Brakes Replace Front wheel Bearing