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My 2005 Lacrosse will bog down while driving on the highway and have great difficulty in accelerating when at a complete stop. While in park the RPM will accelerate but the motor will not rev. I am really at a loss on...
I cannot stop the car to park or start the car. have to use the Neutral and emergency brake to park the car. I don't nothing about about the car except put in gas and go.
water pump failed hot water made constant contact to CPS car stalls after it gets hot now that the water pump has been replaced
dual control system. have a little more heat and all button work, defrost, heat floor and dash vents. Gaugeon dash shows good and hoses are hot. Is there a switch that controls the door in the heater core? Wife wants ...
The mount bracket is a plastic piece that the light assembly bolts to and was attached to the bumper by heat at the factory
Ok headlights don't go on at all only my high beams are working ......we changed out the light bulb but it's still not working .......any ideas what it could be
would this have anything to do with recall. my engine power light came on and stayed on.. They repaired it with module and coil
The car acted as if the battery was dead or very low. Removed the battery wiring to clean the terminals which were highly oxidized. When I connected them back the warning came on and the car will not start...
what is the problem when car starts for weeks then not wait for one hour or two then car will start do you any ideal
No low beams thinking headlight driver module. Need location for replacement.