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Newly purchased Lacrosse shows the check engine light when the key is turned but the car is off. It shows all the warning lights which all disappear except the check engine light. As soon as the car starts, the light ...
I was told normally there is a cause for the converter to go out.
All the other lights work including the high beams. Fuses are good as well as the bulbs. Any ideas?
High beams are fine. Alternator seems to be making noise, as if going bad. Could be the cause? If fuse issue, something must be causing it correct?
The locks keep locking even when the doors are locked. After several days, the red light on the dash near the windshield will come on, the car won't start, not even a click and the key will not come out of the ignition.
ABS and trac lights on after having wheel bearing replaced. What is this about? Is this possibly related to the wheel bearing repair?
I just paid almost 500.00 to replace the steering shaft. Now there is another recall please see if you can find out what that is about. I am not buying another car as I am 85 years old and I love my car. The first rec...
Short melted through fuse panel and blew through the plug. I have replaced the fuse panel with a used one that is identical. All wires connections plugs, etc matched up. I also replaced the plug and had to splice two ...
The noise is only when going over bump or a bumpy road