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i only had the enclave for 4 months and im having transmission problems problems. Had it tow to king Cadillac which they had it over 3week's now replace wave plates and truck still not shifting right. Any help pleasure
Replaced the bps and then after driving the abs and traction light came on. Was told it needs to be calibrated.
Ice is collecting on the lower hinge side of both front doors making it so we cannot open either door very far before it begins to bend the exterior door molding. what would cause ice to pack in there. I've never deal...
it starts when going up incline or transmission shifts.
The problem doesn't begin until the car warms up then I hear it continually.
when moving the shifter to drive and back to park then it will let the key return to remove it or pushing it forward hard into park it will release the key
The low oil pressure warning light comes on sporadically when I first start the vehicle and when I shut it down and restart it, the light stays off. Would this be caused by the oil sensor failure or could there be sim...
It was taken to a Buick dealer 3 times and still the same. Help me ,PLEASE.