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It feels similar to being wind blown.
Turning on Heater car will be warm but the Heater will start blowing Cold
On occasion, my brakes will get really soft and almost go to the floor when pushed. It will scare you to death. Then, all of the sudden, they are fine. Just every few weeks it will do this. I thought I was imagining t...
Its was repaired once, by the dealer, when the car was just 2 years old. now the same problem again. now they want to charge me 1500.00 to repair.
I replaced my battery about 3 months ago and within a week or so my check engine light came on. I checked the code and it came up with P0449 and P0455. I can clear the P0455 code with the code tester but I can not cle...
Just replaced the power steering pump on my 2008 buick enclave, it wont start? What should I check? The dash lights and everything comes on but it wont crank.
have check engine light on and code refers to canister purge valve solenoid
Has done this 3 times now in the past 2 months.
leaking water on floor on passenger side of car
Could it be because they damamged something or lifted my car? I read about the code and its either the Vapor Canister or the Vapor Check Valve. Where are they located and how do you change them or know if they are ne...
Just got the vehicle back today for above. When I drove it home, water ran out from underneath the glove box. I had a puddle on the floormat when got home. Only about a 5 minute drive.
I have a 2008 Buick Enclave, 65,000 miles. Recently we have been unable to get any air to come out of the floor or defroster vents. Any ideas on the problem and/or fix?