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1996 Buick Park Avenue Question: buick dies and wont restart



joshwa32, Lentner, MO, January 04, 2011, 16:56

Ok this ones got me stumped my 96 buick might run 4miles r 400 then it will die and not restart 4 bout 30 min when it does this the fuel pump will get quiet not the usual gm whine and for some weird reason the drivers side window will not roll down r up its dead you can come bk out and hit the window swith and if it wotrks it will start if it don't work it won't I've put crank sensor on fuel pump it acts like a dam rlay getin hot but whch one is tied in with the fuel pump. Please help ths is ettin old

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    January 04, 2011, 17:10

    There is a fuel pump relay, so be sure and just replace that thing, it is cheap.
    If you replaced the crank sensor, what you want to do is check for spark when you car dies, if you have no spark then check for injector pulse, you can get an injector noid light at a parts store.
    Now if you have injector pulse and no spark, suspect a defective ignition module if you have neither, make sure that the crank sensor wiring because you will need to check the PCM.

    Also, check for fuel pressure and if the pump is not running, check for power and ground at the pump while cranking the engine over, I have seen bad connectors and even intermittent fuel pumps.

    These are a few things that I always used to check when I was DiagnosticTech at a GM Dealership, it is very much like the factory crank, no start sequence.

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    joshwa32, January 04, 2011, 17:16

    Ok it gets mre interesting I wth the car running I can hold the power window switch down after window
    is down and boom the fuel pump gets quiet and car dies then the window will go up real slow I replaced power window and pump relays still didn't fix then you wait awhile and everything works again also when this happens the elec system and batt acts like its drained.

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    Visitor, March 29, 2011, 11:53

    you mite have a bad or weak ground check the grounding block under the carpet they rust and fail and the windows are always affected and the no start or poor running

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