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When parking my buick on an incline, there is a bit of rolling of the wheels after the engine is turned off. Is there an adjustment to the transmission that will eliminate this?The transmission is an automatic.
For a while when I shut off my car it would make a hissing type squealing noise. Now it started to happen when I drive also; but it would stop hissing when I put the fan on. Sometimes when i change the temp controls ...
The code came up vehicle speed sensor. we replaced that and it is still not shifting and the speedometer still is not working. changing that part did not change anything. any ideas?
I had a guy come out to replace my headliner and he couldn't get the visors out without breaking them. How do you get them out? I guess it's a new issue for the Buicks. I'll risk taking them out myself. But I would li...
The gear lights (PRND123) and radio display on my 2004 Buick Century are very dim especially the radio I can barely see it in the day time. Could someone tell me whats wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!
can not shut off blower motor.