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i changed my thermostat, new water pump when the car registers hot i can take the radiator cap off and it doesnt boil or seem to be hot but i have to add water cause the radiator is empty i just dont get it what could...
Just acquired this car and discovered the cruise would not come on. The Antilock Brake System yellow warning light was on.
no I replaced water pump and radiator thermisthed water hoses.
Driving along & all the lights go out. Engine still runs, however, sometimes it will correct by turning lights off & back on. Sometimes comes back by self.
Replace relay it start, and security light stay on. Drove car 8 hours later same thing.
Then it will come back on, starts working. My brothers car. I am not sure I worded it right. Person on right passenger freezes, driver very hot. Thank you
new fuse norm takes a 15 bt blows up to a 30 amp. my compressor kicks on an blows cold bt after bout 5 mins its blows hot an my fuse is blown
The service engine light is staying on. An when I drop the gearshit into 1st or 2nd gear a lightcome on that says track off.