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Jumped wire from starter to battery it started up took wire off it died what is wrong is it pcm
The man tell me it just got new heads on it runs good only a Lil smoke
When driving the car for more than an hour, the car seems to lurch when speeding up from the first couple of gears. I am also told that the car needs a new egr valve and that its stuck open. Would this have anything t...
Fist it was codes p01401 n p0404 replaced egr valve n catalyst converter erased the codes and was fine for a few days but now I got code p0401???
How to reset warning lights on instrument panel say like coolant low tire low. fixed issues but light is still lite up
When I look under the hood, I see no way to access it.
I took off the thermostact side hose water seems to be coming out when pressure builds up but i took the water pump side off and the water dont circle i put the hose back on and pressure builds up on both side on the ...
gauge is almost in the red zone but doesn't seem to go into it..should the gauge be going up that high?
low coolant indicator sensor has been replaced
It's a used car I got it for 800 but that's the only problem I have is the white smoke