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The leak is up around where it connect to the steering column
doors do not lock or unlock with switch
to full capacity. Fan runs fine but air not cooled or heated.
the fuse on the passenger side ( 1e 15 amp) was blown. I replaced it and it blew again right away...radio fuse and IP fuse is fine...please help
It used to blow cold air on the passenger side and warm on the driver however, now it is all warm.
My 2000 Buick Century has a problem with it not going into drive. It will only shift to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and in reverse and the car's transmission pulls with no problem in those gears but soon as I put it in drive it...
how can i fix my problem, the steering wheel wont move, the ignition wont turn, and the brake is stuck, i have tinkered with everything but i cant figure out how to fix the faulty anti theft device. i would like to kn...
the headlights or daytime running lights wont come on no matter if i turn on the switch or not. high beams work. changed the headlight switch and i put new bulbs in, have power at headlight plug if i ground it. is the...
The automatic door lock button works intermittently, sometimes works consistently but then will stop working for a month or more. Likely problem? Cost to repair?
my remote keyless entry key fob won't work. I replaced the battery and followed the owners manual directions for reset and nothing happens.
my remote dosen't work no matter which button I push. I changed the battery in it and followed the owners manual reset instructions and nothing happens
tranny quick shifts after normal temps will a tranny cooler help? i know there is pressure sensor in tranny,but would like to avoid changing. i have 2 2000 centrys and both quick shift and have for years
car was shifting hard, I checked trans fluid and was a little low, so I added some. Then the next day while driving the car just would not drive.. It starts up fine but won't go into gear. I'm guessing the transmissio...