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I fixed the thermostat put stop leak in, change waterpump it still is getting hot an when i stop it just poors out underhood drivers side could it be the radiator or heatercore or sensor what im puzzled need advise?
the ac will start cool and then after a while just blow warm air and when sitting in traffic the temp starts to slowly increase
I fixed the alternator and changed the spark plugs, change the ignition module and my starter is good. I have a push button from the starter to the battery and it turns over but won't start please help
check relays and fuses ok, check continuity from relay and fuse to fan ok what did I miss.
I stopped at a red light and when it turned green I pressed on the gas and it went nowhere. The transmission was not slipping or showing any signs of failure. The car starts great and the automatic shifter moves freel...
No tail,backup, or licence plate lights in trunklid. Found a burned wire, maybe ground but can't find source. Wire burned from right rear qpanel to light plug in trunk. Is this common? Went to to junk yards for that w...
I was thinking the switch, but can't figure out how to get it out to try the switch from the other seat
I've replaced the driver and rear passenger side calipers and none of the windows work.
The car shifts hard into 2nd gear when in heavy stop and go traffic
brakefluid coming out on drivers side how much does it costs to fix
Could this suddenly be caused by ABS system or is it something else? Happens in open road driving, not in town. Mechanic had told me can drive car o.k. without ABS
car starts but have to give it gas afterwards its fine usually happens if its hot
a/c blowing hot air
when hitting a bump backend slides a little
i have to turn the lights off and on before getting out of car does it have daytime running lights