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she has her rightful oil , transmission oil but the dem-stick says its to high like n the middle of the dem-sick idk if thats the problem or not , new anti-freeze that i put in yesturday and she starts up well but do...
Blower is blowing air through all vents and I am unable to switch it from defrost to vents to floor. Just put in a new AC door actuator. Still not actuating the doors. The wiring harness has been plugged in, just no...
I replaced the lower control arm hub bearings and tires and I can do not even 10mph and my driver side tire makes my whole front end shake really hard. Could it be the axle??
Like that a week and my car temp. Gauge, speed and Gas gauge was going crazy throughout the week. Now finally the security light goes on, check engine and the anti light goes and finally the car shut off. Now I try to...
replaced relays, temp. sensor, check fans, fans work when i unplug temp. sensor
Is there a 100,00K mile check-up for a 199 Buick Century? If so, what exactly is taken care of? What's the cost likely to be?
Where is the reset button for tire pressure fix