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If it is a sensor where is it located on the cooling system
I can drive my car around town and it don't get hot it goes to the half mark. But if i drive it a long distance and it is 60 degrees or above it get's hot and goes to the 3 quarters mark and when it did that my Husban...
Well when I start it up it seems idle high and when I drive it for a minute it cuts off
I bought a used car (Buick century 1999)with 110,000 miles. All my window are working except the passenger's window. It's all the way down and when i pull it manually it will come up but once i release it, it falls ba...
We removed the bar holding it down, but there is no room the way it is designed to lift it straight up. Thank you
Run but if I stop an shout the car off an restart it it's fine for awhile what's my problem