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When I start the car it makes a funny sound like it choking or something
brake and turn signal lamps still work is problem in the bulb sockets or a possible broken ground wire. thanks for any help
my driver seat switch went out, and i want to replace it with a new one.
- hot air out on the passenger side. ( Note:I have replaced the delco control unit model # 16244754 because all of the back ground lights were out). Now with the new /used delco control unit model # 16244754 I have a...
Also when excelarating the car boggs down and has even stalled compleatly. We have replaced the fuel injectors. Also found out the gas tank very bad, and has since been replaced. The car is doing the same thing.
but when you unplug mass air flow sensor stays running at extremely high rpm, I tried new mass air flow sensor and o2 sensor
I have all the problems listed here for the Code P0740. Check engine light, lower fuel economy, and it is not shifting gears properly. Thanks for any help given.
Would my car have any warning signs or sounds if the engine had problems?
I am getting some rel lousy gas mileage and the check engine light is coming on. I got a code for the evap solenoid. I have already done a full tune up. I purchased the evap solenoid at the parts store, but just ne...
I just purchased the car a few weeks ago, I was looking around the engine it does not look well maintained. I looked in overflow and it is extremely dirty, looks like corrosion on the hose and the fluid is very dark a...
The blower switch on the ECC stopped sending an electronic signal to the resistor relay unit which controls the speed of the blower fan. Bought a $15 all in one heater switch for some older truck, 4 positions; (OFF),...
Where is the windshield wiper motor's pivot arm located?
Both front windows will not open. About six months ago the driver side would open, and then every so often would not open Passenger side would open ..now both sides are unable to open.