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I have a 1992 buick century and the SES light and temperature will flash on and off sometimes. When it does this the car will stall and takes time before I can crank again. I changed the temp sensor and still no chang...
The car starts fine when the tank is full, but at 1/3 full or less, cranking the engine has no effect. If I crank long enough, I smell fuel. If I wait 15-20 minutes, the car will start, but then runs very rough. It...
I got this car , water pump was bad, therm, was bad I changed them both , an I noticed the fan is not working I checked the fuses, I have no power the the fan ? any help any ideas ?..
engine does'nt start well when it's cold
Changing/flushing coolant is an obvious one. However are there any other biggies that I should take care of before the winter sets in? I don't want to spend $1000's on repairs... especially since this is an 19 year ol...
I can't find the right size wrench, to take off the bolt of the bracket, to the fuel filter.
when water is added to my reservoir and/or coolant is added it just leaks out and i believe it is leaking from the seal on the water pump
outside handle does not work went to replace the handle and the holes that mount the handle are worn out the replacement handle has compression nuts so they will not stay tight. I can pick up a door for $75 the door ...
I've done plenty of waterpumps on old cars but only a couple on newer models.