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10501 Midlothian Tpke., Richmond, VA 23225

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Brown's Volkswagen
October 06, 2009

I totally agree with all of the previous comments. I have taken my Touraeg there twice (brakes, plugs) and both times the prices were outrageous. For these plugs (can't remember the exact name), I took the car for a 2nd opinion and Brown's wanted to charge me $700 when the other shop charged me $300, then recently for front brakes they wanted to charge me $937....every time the service department is trying to take me to the cleaners.

All I have to say is, I am trading this car in today!!!

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Brown's Volkswagen
March 17, 2009

Car had dead battery when picked up. They blamed "weak battery," but on driving home we noticed that the headlights (always-on type) were NOT ON. Now we suspect Brown's either is looking for more work and broke something or just screwed up. We are suspicious, because they tried to run up the bill after diagnosing the problem we asked to be fixed. Some of the things they suggested are deferred maintenance items that could be legitimately done now or later, but other things were clearly "run up the bill" optionals that may never need to be done. Then when we picked up the car, rather than charging/jumping our battery, Browns wanted to sell us their $129 battery. Now an honest shop would have told us that we had an Advance Auto battery in the car with a recent date indicator, meaning we should try to get Advance Auto to replace the battery. But not Browns, they wanted that $129 and to heck with the customer. We insisted they jump the car. We drove straight to Advance Auto, and even though the batter tested only a little low, Advance replaced it for free under the warranty. (Even if we would have had to purchase a battery outright, the Advance price was only $79.) The only work we authorized Browns to do was replace crankshaft sensor, per their diagnosis of stalling problem. RepairPal's estimater showed we could have saved $, but we're not complaining about that -- as of yet. We certainly do not trust Brown's VW and will take our car to another shop to find out why headlights don't work, rather than risk another round of "run up the bill and break something else if customer won't agree to running up the bill." BOO HISS!!! (Anyone who wants to use a VW dealer instead of an outside shop should try Stohlman's in Northern Virginia. We never have seen this type of shady "run up the bill" behavior from Stohlman's VW.)

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