Broken oil dipstick on 1995 Audi A6 Quattro

3/4 of the lower part (orange plastic part with metal underneath it) of the oil dipstick broke off and I don't know when it broke or where the part went (stuck in the tube or dislodged in the pan) ? My questions are: (1) is this something I should be concern about? (2) doesn't the car have an oil filtration system that will stop unwanted elements from advancing to where they shouldn't be? (3) will the broken part (stuck or dislodged) cause any kind of trouble to the car in any way? (4) can the part be removed when oil is being drained during an change oil? or is it an extra procedure that needs to be done? if it's something extra, approximately how much extra would it cost to get the broken part removed? Thank you so much in advance.

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This shoul not be a problem, even if left in the oil pan! It is possible it will drain out with an oil change at some point.
Thank you!
You bet.
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on the next oil change you may want to fluxh oil pan and see if most of the debris comes out
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