broken front sway bar on 1998 Buick Century

my sway bar recently broke near the front left tire, and i was told by my mechanic that it will cost ~250 to replace the sway bar and the 2 links (includes parts and labor). does this sound about right? also the labor would cost around 75 ( 1 hour ). although im also planning on buying the kit myself to save money.

im also considering fixing this myself. how hard would it be to replace keeping in mind i am a car novice.

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It all comes down to tools & equipment and a small degree of expertice. Since the only amount you'll be saving is the $75.00 (1 hr) labor cost, I'd recommend spending it and let him get the dirty end of the deal. If you can get the parts cheeper than he can, buy them and bring those along to him.
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i replaced my sway bar it was broke when i bought it auto zone wanted 399.00 for it i went to m&m junk yard and pulled it out myself. the cost of the bar was 12.00 &i had to buy the links