broken camshaft drive pulley plugs held in place by resin - common fix or bodge on 2004 Audi A4 Quattro

I had a timing belt service where the mechanic broke the plugs taking them out (common) and replaced them holed but sealed and retained by resin. I only found out 14k miles later at different garage doing gaskets, found gunk in pulley = new pulley. Is resin an accepted way of holding plugs on this variable valve drive pulley. I guess the resin cost more than the plugs?

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need more info to assist.what was the 2nd mech opinion on the resin repair?
2nd Mechanic had never seen such poor workmanship. Also took the part to Audi dealership - confirmed it was not a recommended manufacturer service. Both recommended replacement pulley wheel. Resin did not get good bond onto pulley wheel because of dirt and oil. I could send you a photo. Trying to find anyone who commonly do this when the plugs are so cheap and in stock most good parts dealers.