Lexus GS350 Problem Report

Lexus GS350 Brief Rattle or Knocking Noise on Initial Start Up

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A brief rattle or knocking noise may be noted on initial start up. Our technicians tell us if the noise is determined to be coming from the timing chain area, there are updated variable timing gears available to correct this issue.

Rattle every once in awhile when I start the car. It sounded like a loose heat shield to me at first, but it only happens once every 7-8 starts...seems to happen most when I start up the car in the morning, or after it sits for more than 12 hours without a start. I have heard this is a problem with the cam gears and that there is a service bulletin for this issue, but I am wondering if it would be covered for me since the car is out of warranty? -
My 2007 ES 350 is making the rattle noise at start up. Only when it sits for over 8 hours. If it is the cam gears the labor guides states it is an 18 hour job. Does anyone know if there is a TSB on this problem? -
At the start, there is an unexplainable knocking sound. -
It is intermittent. Seems to happen more often when starting "cold" after the car has been sitting several hours in hot weather. -
It doesn't happen every time but occasionally after my GS350 has sit over night it makes a rattle type noise when it first starts up. -
Brief rattle upon iginition. Wont happen if I turn car off then turn on right there. Only after car has been off for at least 8 hours. -
There is a brief rattle heard upon startup intermittently. -
A brief rattle noise when starting says they can't duplicate. But it sounds like bearing tome -
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