Breather Box on 2002 Volvo V70 XC

The dealership states:
"breather box is restricted will require breather box, hoses, seals, and gaskets along with oil pan reseal for $1727."
Car has 100500 miles.
I can't find information about a breather box. Does this sound right?
Thanks in advance.

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If the breather blocks up it builds up crankcase pressure causing seals to leak and oil to contaminate the timing belt even if the cam or crank seal starts to leak. Ask what absolutely needs to be done its hard to guess without being able to see the leaks. I have seen the breather block maybe the oil pan doesn't need to be done now and would not be a duplication of labor to do at a latter stage if it is actually leaking.
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I would be cautious about resealing the oil pan. When the breather box leaks (which is common) it can look like the oil pan is leaking, but the oil pan seals rarely leak.
Get a second opinion, I suggest a good Volvo Independent shop. Look here for one in your area: