Breaks & Rotors on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

My vehicle has been having a grinding sound coming from the passenger-back side of the truck. I took off my wheel to see what the problem was and the inside portion of my rotor (closes to my axle) was messed up really bad! It looked like I didn't have any brake pad at all left, even through they are only half way down. What could cause this too happen, and also should I take it to a professional or is it something I can do on my own.

Could it be that the outside pad is OK and the inner pad is worn down? If that is the case then the caliper is sticking and may need to be replaced. Unless you are qualified to repair your brakes then I would suggest having a professional do the job.
I went online and done some research on my vehicle's emergency break since I thought that was what maybe was causing my rotor to not come off of my axle. I read online that I could release my emergency break cable and that would take all pressure off of the rotor. I located the connection on the drivers side of the vehicle right in front of the back wheel hub. I disconnected it and it made easy enough that could get it off! I also used quite a bit of brake cleaner! Just a tip for anyone who needs it!
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check or have someone check the pins on the caliper to make sure that they are squeezing both sides of the rotor. mine was doing the exact same thing. only pushing on the roter instead of squeezing it like it should. i had to replace the caliper because the pad had been ground all the way down and completely gone. if there is still pad left you will save money by buying a new pin kit. $15-20 at o'reilly's. if you have your brakes done by a dealer or "professional" sometimes they wont tell you because they will get more buisness if you have to come back more often.