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1997 Oldsmobile Bravada Question: Breaking problem



Visitor, Des Moines, IA, February 25, 2010, 17:59

We just bought a used 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada and ended up having immediately to change all the brakes, pads, rotors. The breaking is working much better but when you get down to around 5 miles an hour the anti lock breaks begin kicking in on dry pavement. It works fine when going higher speeds it's only when you are almost at a stop that you have to allow about 10 feet to actually stop. We were told we need the ABS Module but we do not need the pump or motor just the module itself. First, does this sound right and second any ideas on where to get it inexpensively as they are really expensive. Thanks!!

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    Visitor, November 05, 2010, 17:05

    Did you take it back to the mechanic who worked on it to replace the brakes? If it wasn't doing that when you brought it in, it seems to me that this comes under his watch, or at least he should be able to inform you of what could cause this. Think about, you took it in without this problem, got it back with this problem. Conclusion, mechanics are like doctors, sometimes they leave their tools in you after surgery. Sometimes they forget to reconnect necessary items. Sometimes they short out a component by working on it or by it. Find out. Hold his feet to the fire till he talks. Don't accept mediocrity in brake repair, they are damned important. I am about to embark on a brake job on same vehicle as you, with a friends assistance. If you did the same as I for money reasons, we have no recourse except to study the manuals and research the internet for the answers. It costs nothing to be a squeaky wheel for lousy brake service, he could have forgot to put fluid in the system and when you drove off, you hit a brick wall and were immediately killed by the airbags. Maybe he is a serial murderer by bad brake work. Raise some hell until they are sick of you if it was done by a shop. Point out that they work for you, not viceversa, threaten law suits, throw tantrums, but don't allow shoddy work on your brakes. Something is smelly if it started after they repaired it. If you did it yourself, kick yourself in the ass, than forgive yourself and fix it properly. Brick walls are easier to go around than through. let me know and good luck, proofed@yahoo.com, free advice is nice, but I am not a mechanic professionally, just necessarily. It makes sense to follow the cause and effect and question those that charge you for their services, and than do it again. until you are convinced they are responsible, or it just coincidence. I vote for their culpability. (or yours, as the case may be)

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