break sytem on 1990 Nissan Stanza

how to install my new assembled caliper for front break in my nissan stanza 1990

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The calipers are easy to replace and don't require many tools. Jack up and properly support the car. Remove the front wheels, loosen the two bolts securing the caliper to the caliper slides on the caliper mounts (probably 12mm or 14mm headed bolts, may need a 17mm open end wrench to prevent the guide pin from turning open the brake flex line to the caliper I think it is 17mm, and undo, remove the caliper and undo the two bolts and replace the caliper mounting bracket as well. Reinstall in reverse order and bleed the brakes afterward (prior to driving to ensure all the air is out of the system or the brakes will be compromised. You will probably fine video links on Youtube to bleeding brakes and even replacing the calipers.