break pedal and crankshart sensor on 2000 Saturn LS

check engine light says crankshaft position sensor is bad where is it also i drove home last night and parked the car in the morning when i tried to start the car i put my foot on the break pedal and the power in the car shuts off what could cause that

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did you have the code pulled or a real diag??? codes only point you in a direction of a failure.
the crank sensor is on the harmonic balancer in the front of the motor.
i would look at all your connections starting with the battery cables.

all connections seen good also before it stopped working the key sometimes wouldnt turn all the way off unless u moved the shifter back and forth in park now when u step on the brake pedal all power cuts off and the key will turn to the on position without pressing the break and when u turn the key to start the starter clicks and then all power shuts off