Break Pads on 2007 Hyundai Tucson

I only have 36,000.00 thousand miles on my 2007 Tucson and I took it to the dealer for an Oil change and they informed me that I need rear break pads. About 3 days later I heard a loud screach. Is this the correct millage to replace my rear breaks??, and would I benefit from have all four replaced at one time or should I just get the rear replaced for now???

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You should only replace the brakes as needed, so just do the rear at this time if the front are OK. I don't know the lifespan of these rear pads, but it's not uncommon to see rear brakes wear out sooner than the fronts, and even at this mileage. They're making the pads out of softer materials and the pads are smaller too, so they wear out quickly.
Ask the shop to not the pad thickness. They should be replaced when they're at around 3-4mm.
Thanks for the info. I went to Car-X and had both rear and front brake pads replaces the cost for both was 240.00 and guarenteed for ever so they say. It pays to catch them in time, this way you can save money on rotors and calipers. That can get costly. I did check my owners manual and they do give you a warning by screaching.