break lights stopped working on 1995 Mazda B2300

only had the truck for 3 months. brake lights worked. got pulled over for no brake lights and was told to get them looked at. i changed the bulbs myself, didnt work. checked all the fuses, didnt work. does not have cruise control. i work nights. need brake lights. help!

by in Decatur, AL on April 26, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 26, 2010
Check for power at the brake light switch located at the brake pedal, one of the wires at the switch should be 12 Volts (if not a fuse is most likely bad). If the switch has only two wire connect a paper clip across the two wires and see if the brake lights now come on, if so the brake light switch is bad.
ANSWER by on December 26, 2010
Had the same problem. In the engine compartment, close to the driver is a black box full of fuses. It is the 20 amp that went out, I replaced it with a 30amp and have not had an issue yet.

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