Break Light Fuse on 2000 Saturn LS2

My 2000 LS2 has an aftermarket trunk due to being rebuilt. The rear lights have, therfore, always been problematic. However, now the brake lights aren't working at all. The bulbs are fine, so that's not it. I need to know where the fuse for them is to see if it needs replacing.

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There is a redesigned brake light switch for your car, I guess Saturn had problems with them. The under hood fuse box has a 10 Amp fuse in the fuse box that protects the brake and parking lights. Brake light switch should have power at the Orange wire and when the pedal is pressed the light Blue wire should get power.The light blue wire at the rear lights should have power when the brake pedal is depressed.
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I had the same problem. Saturn replaced rear brake lights. The had been recalled and Saturn replaced them without charge.