My car shakes/vibrates uncontrollably once brakes are applied especially when am on 65km/hr or above.
My mechanic has recently changed the brake pad and brake disc of the front tyres, but this problem is still there. He also did a wheel banlacing & allignment but this hasnt helped either.
please advise asap.thanks...

Asked by for the 2004 Toyota Matrix
Front end vibration may be a sign of suspension wear or suspension bushing wear but after checking this I would remove the wheels and secure the rotors and recheck the rotors for "true, run out and parallelism". This is done by using a micrometer to measure uniform rotor/disc thickness and using a dial indicator to check for run out. Run out as little as 3/1000ths of an inch can cause brake pedal vibration or vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel. Try rotating the wheels as well front to rear and see if that has and adverse or beneficial effect on the vibration.
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tie rods are damaged. need to inspect.
I had this problem and it was the tires try changing the back ones to the front and see what happens . What i did was bought new tires and it stop,sometimes the tires may have good thread but have a warp and you cant tell. hopefully this is your problem.
yes its the tie rods I have an 04 matrix and had to have mine recently replaced.