brakes squeak on 2002 Ford Explorer

I purchased slotted and drilled brake rotors and my brakes now squeak, plus when I brake I also hear noise from the rotors. Possible diagnosis and problem?

by in Southampton, PA on August 12, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 12, 2009
You need to put a high temp brake caliper grease on the back of the pads, BACK not front. you need to also lubricate any contact points of the caliper to the mounting bracket. Not trying to be a smart ass. Why in the world would you waste your money like that?
COMMENT by on August 12, 2009
Thanks for grease tip. Regarding your other point, tell me more? I trust you are saying S&D rotors are waste of money. Why?
COMMENT by on August 12, 2009
What I meant is unless you're drag racing or competion racing your Explorer, then you are not spending your money wisely.
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