Brakes locked up while driving. on 1998 BMW 740i

I was driving and the ABS light came on together with the DSC light, then the brakes locked, with out me pressing on the pedal. they didnt unlocked so i had to towed my car back home. the mechanic says is the calipers, but im not sure why the ABS light go on. Please tell me what can i do.. i can't even drive the car.

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The same thing happen to me twice within one week. It is your calipers. Either you need to have them replaced or maybe you can have someone to checked them and see if they can grease them or release them. I hope this works.
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My 1995 740i, rear brakes locked on me while driving, no dash light indicators came on. Had to have it towed, I was told my brake fluid was contaminated, and because the brake system is sealed, the master cylinder, 4 calibers, ABS hydraulic unit, brake hoses, new pads and routers in rea all need to be replaced...cost $6k. Please tell me I have an another option!!!!
I am having the exact same problem. I was curious as to what fixed this? Thanks