Brakes grind on 1995 Honda Accord

Grinding sound in rear

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rear hub bearings are common failures.
replace as an assembly. you can use our estimator tab at the top of the page.
staright forward repair.

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Agreed but if happens when applying brakes or when apply light pressure with park brake when moving then could be shoes/pads worn into the metal.
It's possible your rear brake linings are wearing thin or getting down to the most harsher/harder part of the linings. Also, if the noise is only initially after the Honda has sat overnight or several hours and goes away after several stops, it may just be condensation/rust built up on the rotors. With the amount of moisture we've had in our area this is possible too. If the noise doesn't go away & is consistent, I'd recommend having an auto service professional take a look at the situation to be on the save side.