Brakes Grind on 2003 Buick Rendezvous

My car has an intermittent problem, sometimes when I hit my brakes I get grinding and it is difficult to push the pedal all the way down, I have to let go of the brakes and press the pedal again. I just had a brake job and replaced the rotors. I have taken it to 2 garages and they can't duplicate the problem. There are no error codes or warning lights just the grinding and the pedal locking.

by in Marlton, NJ on April 27, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 27, 2010
You DEFINITELY have a brake problem because it happens when you apply the brakes and you said that you recently had work performed on your brakes. Take it back to the shop who did the brake job,. They should stand behind their work, which was sub-standard or they got some defective parts.
ANSWER by on April 27, 2010
yo are havibg abs activation casing the pedal to vibrate and lock. a shop with a scanner will be able to check data and history codes to determine the proble. Roy
COMMENT by on April 28, 2010
The problem was happening before the brake job which is why I had it done thinking that it was just warped/worn rotors. I am being told that there are no error codes. I have been researching the internet and get a sence that it might be the ABS wheel speed sensor or the wiring to the sensor. Can anyone explain to me where this sensor is located so that my husband can check the wiring before I take it to a third garage and pay more money for people to tell me they can't find a problem. Is the car safe to drive this way? I am scared everytime I try to stop and it does this.
COMMENT by on April 28, 2010
unfortunately, the sensors are in the wheel bearing in the front wheel and the rears are not exposed either. take it to a shop that can do a road test with a scanner hooked p to watch the sensors. when you come to a stop and the problem occurs, he can see which sensor falls out and causes the proble. I have to do that when I am trying to find a problem like that and believe me, a good tech will pick it up right away. you will have to pay a diag fee that is around 100 or so. good luck Roy
ANSWER by on March 26, 2013
Hello there? Were you able to resolve this? I have the same problem and Goodyear quoted me $1200 for something but I believe it's ABS related because it happens every time I start the car but not every time I break, and it goes away AFTER my ABS warning light comes on, and the warning chime goes off. Then it brakes fine
COMMENT by on March 26, 2013
No no one was able to repair the problem. I spent over 1800.00 spread out over 3 repairs plus diagnostics and the longest it stayed fixed was 4 months. I got fed up and traded the car in and used part of the value for a down payment on a lease for a 2011 Toyota Highlander.
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