Brakes - Calipers on 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty

When I press the brake with my foot....About 1/2 way through the deceleration process I hear a loud thump noise from my front left wheel...I dont hear the every time I brake....Is it a defective caliper or rotor....?

by in Northford, CT on February 25, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 25, 2009
You might have a loose caliper on that side or your pad has become delaminated from its backing, Better get this checked right away
ANSWER by on January 07, 2010
You know I had the same problem and was told it was the power booster. sooo I changed that and still had the same problem. I've been told it is the power steering pump so that is the next to be changed. If you pop the hood and listen underthe hood or brakes have someone press them and you can find the vibration.
ANSWER by on March 06, 2010
Check left front ball joints.
ANSWER by on April 02, 2010
Ball joints fixed mine. Front right was my culprit.
ANSWER by on May 11, 2010
I had the same problem. There is a vacuum hose going to the brake caliper. Check to make sure it is on. I repaced this hose and the thump disappeared.
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