Brakes and Transmission on 1993 Dodge Caravan

1. How do you diagnois the electronic hydrlic assembly equiped with ABS brake booster on the vehicle as to why it is on all the time when the key is turned on (hums when engine is running, do no hear the hydralic lift sound)? The ABS/Brake light on the dash comes on often and sometimes stays on for a long time. Thank you.

2.Does the speed sensor effect the transmission shifting on an automatic? It is miss shifting... drops from 4th to 3rd and/or won't to from 1st to 2nd. Which one of the speed sensors... output speed sensor or the input turbine speed sensor? Thank you.

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there is a factory re call on your abs unit. take it to a dealer and they will repair it for free. they wont even sell us the parts to fix it.

the output speed sensor controls your shifting.

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As far as the ABS Pump running for long periods. I have experienced the same problem a few times. The 7 valve BENDIX ABS PUMP is LIFETIME WARRANTY on those vans. Don't let a Chrysler Dealer tell you any differance. I have had 3 replaced on my 1993 Dodge Caravan with 250,000 now on it. They HAVE to replace it because of a mandate that Chrysler and Bendix agreement. You can do a search on the internet and find the information. The dealers know about it, and will charge you a $95 diagnostic fee - and once they find that it is the pump, the fee will not be charged. They will get their money from Bendix. Seems the pumps have a problem and Chrysler told them back in the 80's that if they did not warranty the pumps and labor to change, that Chrysler would not ever use another Bendix system on any future vehicles. So the agreement was made. Any good service manager knows about this