Brakes and Snow on 2007 Honda Accord

I have a 2007 value package, originally from a Georgia fleet of cars, that I bought used last year. The brakes work great except when it snows. Then I get all kinds of grinding and a pulsing feel as though ice is caught between the rotors the pads and it almost doesn't want to stop. My mechanic has said that there is nothing wrong with my brakes. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with it?

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I think the ABS system is just doing it's job. Each wheel is monitored for lock up when braking and when the system sees a change in one wheel speed relative to another wheel it will dump fluid rapidly (this is the pulsing your feeling) to keep the vehicle from sliding or spinning around. Most systems are sensitive to correct tire size, air pressure and treadwear. Read up on your brake system in the operator's manual for more explanation. Good luck.
Driving in snow is very different. NEVER stop like you do on dry ground. Break earlier and when in trouble lightly pump your breaks and/or downshift automatic or manual. I'm driving in snow a lot in Montreal and my car came out of the same plant as yours.