Brakes and rotors on 2002 BMW 325i

What is the "best" or recommended style/type of brake pads and rotors for the 2002 325i? It is an E46 chassis - I have noticed that there are different diameter rotors listed as compatible with this vehicle. I would like to get the best fit and performing equipment available, and will not return to the dealer for parts. Any suggestions woul be GREATLY welcomed!!!

by in Kittanning, PA on March 29, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 29, 2009
The Brembo racing rotors are very high performance. The diameter is more of a vin code issue, it is not an optional thing, because the rotor has to PRECISELY fit the caliper and inner part of the wheel. The Brembos run $350-400 a pair, the drilled being the more expensive. I have found that the Jurid pads , which are OEM always do the trick unless you want track car pads which really can't be driven on the street. If you want to go totally radical, take a look at Steve Dinan's ( Dinan Engineering ) WEB site for high performance Beemer stuff. ( have your wallet really ready )
ANSWER by on October 14, 2010
Get Zimmerman coated rootors and Textar Ceramic brakes! they work wonders. I got mine from and the cheapest web sites I found on Good Luck
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