Brakes almost go all the way to the floor. on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

I hear air in the lines and at slow speeds, the vehicle does not stop. I also noticed steam or smoke coming off the front wheels in the rain today. I am a little scared to drive this vehicle as I was almost in an accident with it today. The brake light came on today, and immediately went off then came back on. No other warning gauges are on.

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Too many safety issues to safely drive this car. Check the brake fluid level first if it low you must have brake fluid leak, whick would cause the brake pedal to sink toward the floor. A failing brake master cylinder may also be the cause of excessive brake pedal travel.
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Very dangerous! If you are not very well versed in brakes, call a shop and tell them about the pedal. I would not worry about the steam, it is probably due to heat in the rotor and the rain water. However, your brake pedal should NEVER go to the floor!

VERY DANGEROUS! DO NOT DRIVE IT, get it to the shop!
check or chave someone check the pins on the caliper to make sure that they are squeezing both sides of the roter. mine was only pushing on the roter instead of squeezing it like it should. if you have your brakes done by a dealer or "professional" sometimes they wont tell you because they will get more buisness if you have to come back more often.