Brakes on 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

When I am breaking and the vehicle slows down to 5 mph I get a noise and a pulsating sensation on my break peddle. What is going to need repaired. It does sound like a pump is running on low volumes of liquid. The brake reservoir is adequate

by in American Fork, UT on April 09, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 09, 2009
You need to have the brake system inspected. It sounds like you have warped or worn out rotors and very worn brake pads. The brake system needs to be evaluated. Since this is a safety issue on a safety system, it would be best to have a shop do this, to be sure that you are repairing the vehicle in a safe manner.
COMMENT by on June 24, 2010
A good Brake Inspection should Check the run out of the Hubs and clearance of the wheel Speed Sensors, at least that is what I include in my Brake Inspections.
ANSWER by on June 24, 2010
Chances are that because of a faulty anti-lock/traction control module on the front hub being a POS and not allowing the computer to read correct wheel revolution the first thought is rotors. Wrong, it is the front hubs unfortunately caused due to the mickey mouse design of the sensor use to pick-up whell revolutions for the anti-lock break system.
COMMENT by on June 27, 2010
Mine is doing the same thing, but my abs/traction light comes on could this be the same prob? is the module on the wheel bearing? do i have to replace 2 frount or are they on the rear as well
COMMENT by on August 25, 2010
Mine is doing exactly the same thing. The code upon diagnostic reads left fron hub bearing C0036 & its been replaced twice with authentic GM parts & i still have the same issues- What to do?!
COMMENT by on December 14, 2010
In the last 2 years I have resurfaced (2x) and replaced (2x) my rotors on my 2005 Equinox. In May 2010 they warrantied my 'after market' rotors and now in December 2010 the rotors are already warped again and need replaced. I am at a loss and need some direction....PLEASE! The brake pads were replaced in May 2008 and one company is telling me that the pads are likely the cause (however the company says the pads look in good condition). Thank you in advance for your help!
ANSWER by on September 08, 2010
my frunt braks are paulsateinng some times
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