Brakes? on 2006 Chevrolet HHR

When I drive whether it is slow or fast the front driver side makes a vibrating noise. The steering wheel also vibrates, I had my brakes done and because originally it would make the noise when I was breaking now it vibrates constantly. What should I do?

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Bring it back to the shop that repaired the brakes, Somethings wrong
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if it is making the sound while the whell is rolling at all speeds whithout the brake being applied then you problem may be your front right wheel hub, did you recently hit a curb really hard on the side or a really deep pot hole or crash into something? check out your wheel hub to see if it has signs of damage. just remove the trie and brake assembly and visually inspect the hub also spin it by hand
I had the same problem, take the car back to who ever did the brakes. The rotor is warped and needs to be cut or replaced.
I had the same problem. Brought it to the dealer where i bought a 3rd party warranty and here is a list of items they replaced.
-steering column
-sway bar links
-both front struts
I only paid 100 because i had the insurance but the bill came to be about $1900.
Who ever did your brakes failed to check the rotor runout, or forgot to remove the rust buildup before machine turning, or did not clean the rust build up from the hub face, also install the newly machined rotor back on the hub in the same place the rotor came off the hub. The rotor holes must be aligned where they were at removal. An experienced brake mechanic should know all this.