1992 Pontiac Bonneville Q&A

1992 Pontiac Bonneville Question: brakes

rear dr side brake has been leaking fluid for quite some time and now my brakes are completely out -
Answer 1
OK, what is the question? -
Answer 2
Tine to get you car to a service shop and have them do a complete inspection of the brakes, make repairs and bleed the brake system. -
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The anti-lock brake (ABS) accumulator may fail causing loss of power brake assist. (The brake pedal will become very hard.)
The ABS brake pressure modulator valve can fail internally causing the ABS light to illuminate.
The step on to engage, step on to release style brake has been giving trouble lately. It works fine engaging but does not release without a struggle. Depressing the pedal ever and ever harder. Last...
brake fluid is black
If the ABS light on the instrument panel illuminates, our technicians recommend checking the brake lamps first. It could indicate that a brake light is not working or has burned out.