Brakes on 1996 Toyota Camry

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry. The breaks in my car have been making grinding noises for 2 years. The last year, number 3, the brakes have to pumped and they still go to the floor. We had it professionally looked at; the guy changed all the lines, the break fluid, the master cylinder, everything you can think of to change. Please if anybody can help me PLEASE let me know.

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The hydraulic brake system uses a tandem master cylinder with vacuum assist servo. all models are equipped with standard front disc and rear drum brakes. Optional rear disc brakes are available on Camry. A proportioning valve is used to regulate brake pressure between front and rear brakes. If master cylinder is rebuilt/replaced or reservoir is empty, bleed master cylinder first. Bleed wheels in sequence. Start on wheel with longest hydraulic line, and work toward wheel with shortest hydraulic line. Your local repair shop should be able to perform brake bleeding sequence. It appears that there may be air trapped in the brake system.
Thank you, we got it fixed today. It was 2 large air bubbles stuck in the break line. It took a special machine to get them out and it only cost $25; the original guy got $265. We got a refund. Thanks again!