Brakes on 1993 Honda Accord

What can cause my brakes to keep locking up? I have changed the brakes lines going to the calipers,I have changed the booster,master cylinder,the calipers,&the brake lines going to the master cylinders..please help me..i don't know what else to do..thanks

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Mastertech154 is right, people even some experienced auto techs forget to properly adjust the booster pushrod to rear piston clearance at the brake master cylinder. Critical adjustment on Honda Acura cars.
thanks..i will have my step dad check that out tomorrow when he comes..
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Hello , are the front brake locking up . or are the rear brakes??? has there been any recent work done on the brakes???
if they weere not locking up before you changed the brake booster , the eithier booster is installed incorrectly , or the wrong booster ,, or more likely , the adjustment in the booster to master cylinder rod , if this adjustment is not correct, then the brakes will stya slightly applied ,,
its the front brakes..I have changed the brake lines going to the calipers,the brake booster,master cylinder.the calipers.I just had to buy some more brakes and rotors cuz i ruined them driving the car like that..I wanna find out the problem.Before they started locking up the brakes had went out so i changed the brake booster and they started locking up after that and thats when i started changing everything else..can u help me please.I love my car just need to figure out whats causing the brakes to lock up.
i have had many people tell me about the adjustment in the booster..where is the adjusment in the booster located at??