Brakes on 2005 Pontiac G6

I have all ready done all that new bake and pads and rotors turned and still does it. Thanks About 2 months ago.

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How recently was this work done? I would go back and ask them to recheck the brake rotors for parallelism and uniform thickness. It may require brake rotor replacement to eliminate the shudder you are feeling in the steering column.
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I have REPLACED my front rotors 4 times and the last time I did, it was the final time because this time, I did my homework. These brake systems run hotter than a normal car due to probably a cooling design issue from GM, but here is what you do. Purchase 'drilled/slotted' rotors and ceramic disk pads. The key difference is the rotor. I purchased my entire front brakes' rotors and pads online at (drilled and slotted and also ceramic pads). They offer free chipping on orders > $150 and my total happened to be $154. This combination of pads/rotors offers phenomenal stopping power and superior performance in wet weather along with inherent cooling.
Had same problems with brakes about every 20-25,000 miles. Finally bought new rotors from NAPA and have not had any more problems.