brakes on 2008 Ford Fusion

losing brake fluid somewhere, has been pressure tested

by in Greentop, MO on January 31, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 31, 2011
Your car is pretty new to have a brake fluid loss problem. I would make the fluid level on the reservoir, put a brake pedal depressor tool on the brake pedal and inspect for a leak. If no leak was found I would leave the brake pedal depressed using the tool and come back in half hour (disable brake lights). If no leak was found I would remove the brake master cylinder from the brake booster to inspect the rear seal of the brake master cylinder. Could it be normal brake pad wear causing the fluid level to drop.
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I've never been told this on any other car I've owned. Are they just trying to get more money out of me?
It started early today when I was half way to work. The brakes still work the same and the sound seem to have stopped??????
replaced the brakes and rotors and hardware about 3,000 miles ago and they are already wore out metal to metal.
i want to change my rotors and brake pads

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